How To Choose the Perfect Wedding Suit

It has been suggested that the average cost of a wedding during 2016 comes to about £24,000, and that’s excluding the honeymoon! Obviously, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity (ignoring all you cynics out there) which makes it all the more special, whilst also difficult.

morning suit
Source: Parisian Gentleman

Many of you will experience your bride-to-be spending most of your budget on, of course, her dress, flowers, and to be honest, god knows what else. There is a lot of pressure on the groom to look good, whilst also keeping the price down.

bride and groom
Source: Wedding Ideas Mag

You’ve really got to take into consideration what type of wedding you’re having; formal? Casual? Daytime? Night time? Themed? Religious? By considering these questions, it will significantly affect your choice; the type of wedding will demand different styles of suits (for both groom and groomsmen).

The Conventional Wedding Suit

Like when choosing a suit for business, size should be your initial consideration. If you buy off-the-rack, you must ensure you’ve got the exact fit you want. Whilst there are many high-quality off-the-rack suits, we would advise using an alteration service which we are able to provide here at Hawkes Bespoke Outfitters. We also have a great selection of suits which can be altered in store.

single suit
Source: Parisian Gentleman

However, we cannot recommend a bespoke suit more highly for your big day. It guarantees the perfect fit, whilst also bringing your own style and personality into your suit. Similarly, small details will be considered such as colour schemes; imagine the husband points you’ll get if your linings match the floral/table arrangements.

There is no need to shell out thousands of pounds, our 2-piece costs £699.99 and our 3-piece £849.99. There is a 6 week turnaround time-frame which is a very competitive timescale. Whilst this is a comparably large sum and timeframe, in comparison to some off-the-rack suits, this is mere pennies and minutes to the amount of money and time your wife will be spending!

custom fitted suits

Style-wise; it is completely, and entirely down to personal preference. Get to know what works for you, what styles and colours you are drawn to. Our advice would be to avoid stripes or checks, as let’s face it, they can look somewhat comical.

The Formal Wedding Suit

Think church, traditional, white wedding. In these instances you will be dressed in either a morning suit or morning grey. The former will consist of one-button cutaway coat with tails, a waistcoat (traditionally grey, however, this is subject to preference) and matching striped trousers. In general, the tie is one colour with a pocket square to match and a carnation boutonniere. Black Oxfords will finish off the look nicely. Top hat is optional.

morning suit 1
Source: Parisian Gentleman
Source: Parisian Gentleman

The morning grey is slightly more casual but is pretty much identical to the morning suit, minus the striped trousers. We would advise googling Prince Charles for some great ideas of how to wear the morning grey. Whilst the most common option is to hire, we would suggest trying to find an off-the-rack option and having it tailored.

prince charlies
Source: Parisian Gentleman


Source: Suit Me Up

For more advice on wedding suits come and find us at Hawkes Bespoke Outfitters, Morgan Arcade, Cardiff, or call us on 029 2037 3780 or 07717 846952. Similarly, for more ideas check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. Our Youtube channel also gives a great comprehensive look at different fabrics for your big day.

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