Men’s suits: Wedding hire


The Roy Robson look!

Men’s suit for wedding hire is quite a trend in the U.K. To hire a suit, the groom must make an appointment with a store or bespoke tailor of his choice. Usually, the groom is often asked to come over for the appointment with the bride or with his groomsmen in order to ensure that groom, bride and groomsmen get the complete look on the main day. This is usually done 3 or 4 months prior to the main event with the last member being fitted nearly four weeks before the main event.

But there are certain outfitters who have gone on to provide swift wedding hire services by allowing booking until about the week before the main event. This is usually done for only for one individual. Nevertheless, most outfitters advise their clients to opt for a wedding hire at least 3 months in advance to ensure that the store is able to procure all the desirable colours for the client before the event.

Here at Hawkes Bespoke Outfitters, the fitting involves the measuring of the client after which he shows us his vision, we then provide him with the looks closest to that vision. All possibilities are tried out during fitting but we  advise clients to keep in mind that every single style of hire may not always be available. Once the process of measurement and fitting is complete, the order is processed and it arrives 7-14 days prior to the event. The client is then called for final fitting.

The hire charges and payment differ from store to store.  For most wedding hires a certain percentage of payment is made by the client during fitment and the remaining amount at the time of delivery.

Once the event is over, the hired suit is returned to the outfitter. The date of return may differ for outfitters. A lot of outfitters accept the suit back without dry-cleaning.

Hawkes is one of the leading wedding hires in Cardiff, Wales. We offer a variety of brands including Roy Robson,  We have successfully fitted scores of clients for weddings including more than 20 rugby wedding! We can certainly bring out your inner gentlemen with a special suit on your special day.

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