Men’s Shoes for All Occasions

Choosing the right shoe is just as important as the suit itself. The combination of the perfect suit and shoes will make a real statement in many occasions, and after all, why not make a statement!

Interviews/Corporate Environment:

Obviously when going for an interview you want to make a good impression, and unfortunately (or fortunately for some) appearance is the first thing that interviewers will take note of. Therefore, looking sharp, formal and well-presented is essential. Style wise, we would advise plain-toe Oxfords or cap-toe Oxfords due to the fact these are very traditional and classic styles. As for colours, black and dark brown are the top options.

(Source of photos: Gentleman’s Gazette)

Formal Social Events

Where the occasion is more formal such as a corporate or business dinner/party we would suggest for a modern look either Brogue Oxford’s or plain-toe Derby’s. However if you’re wanting to go more traditional, go for a formal pump/loafer or the Albert slipper. Any of these styles will accompany a formal tuxedo perfectly, but obviously it is down to personal preference!

Brogue Oxford at Hawkes Bespoke Outfitters

Casual Social Events:

Heading off to a dinner party? You can play around a little more with the styles with a more casual event. Why not check out some R.M. Williams boots, beautifully made and stylish whilst in-keeping with the more casual theme. Similarly, a good pair of casual loafers or boat shoes should also do the job perfectly. If you are struggling with your smart-casual look, The Idle Man, has a great post on How To Pull Off Smart Casual.


For your own wedding day, the right style of shoe can either make or break your outfit. You need to think about colour, and realistically, you’ve only got two options here – black or brown. Traditionally a black shoe is seen as the more formal choice over brown, and we would tend to agree with this. Brown shoes should only be worn with navy suits, as long as they’re suitably dark, or if you’re going for a slightly more casual look.

With regards to styles, we would advise going traditional, so you’ve got your Oxfords, Derby’s, Monk’s and formal Loafers – this is your special day, keep it elegant and simple but stylish.

Loafers at Hawkes
Monk Shoes (in brown). Source: Groom List

For more advice on shoes for all occasions, as well as a great selection, come and find us at Hawkes Bespoke Outfitters in The Morgan’s Arcade, Cardiff. Also have a look at our Instagram account for more style ideas, and updates on everything about men’s shoes, suits and accessories.

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