Men’s Shoes: R.M. Williams, More than just a shoe

Men’s shoes is a topic we at Hawkes Bespoke Outfitters get really excited about! Some people believe that R.M. Williams produce the best men’s shoes in the world, and we must admit, we do agree.

Source: R.M. Williams

R.M. Williams was born in the Australian outback, he creates the most purposefully designed and fabulous footwear and accessories in order to ensure enjoyment of all life’s adventures. Founded in 1932, Reginald Murray Williams exposed the need for hard-wearing footwear, creating products which would withstand the harsh environments found in the Australian outback. The brand is and has always been inspired by the outback, and those people who live there. The brand is still active in remote and rural communities, fully establishing the brand in its roots and ideology.

RM’s first real success was when he began selling saddles to the owner of a group of cattle stations, RM is able to set up a shop in his father’s shed in 1934, which is still the location of one of the retail outlets. As the company grows, along with its reputation for high quality products, R.M. Williams expands its leather range, finding the greatest success with its riding boots. By establishing uniquely-created boots as the company’s core product, R.M. Williams ensures its continued success throughout the decades.

Source: R.M. Williams
Source: R.M. Williams

The brand employs 300 craftsmen to create boots, crafts and clothes, which makes R.M. Williams unique in itself. Furthermore, many of these staff members have been with the brand for a lifetime and pass their skills down from generation to generation. This dedication is unparalleled anywhere else in the industry, further establishing R.M. Williams as the best boots in the world.

The classic boot styles involve more than 80 hand-held processes, each created by craftspeople who have had many years of training. The iconic elastic-sided boot, which is made from a single piece of leather, is durable enough to withstand the harsh outback. These iconic boots are not only well-made and incredibly durable, but they are also able to be repaired as if they were new with a life expectancy which spans decades. The simplicity of these designs ensures that the boots can be worn with many outfits.

Source: R.M. Williams
Source: R.M. Williams

Through excellence and extraordinary attention to exquisite detail, R.M. Williams gives a piece of the Australian outback to followers of the product all over the world, including beautiful Cardiff through us at Hawkes Bespoke Outfitters.

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